Our Philosophy at 1881 is a very simple one.  Our goal is to provide the freshest, fastest and best tasting food possible.  There are several ways we accomplish this.  We hand-make all of our sauces and condiments (check out our killer dill pickles that show up quite often).  The biggest thing that sets us apart is the utilization of the freshest proteins possible.  That can be our seafood that we fly in daily for the truck, or our briskets and other proteins that we hand select from manufacturers and bring in daily and smoke nightly.  
Our menu runs off of the same concept as our ordering.  Our goal is to add something different for the market as often as we need to.  We rotate menu's and concepts to fit the destination we are setting up at.  From wine dinners and special beer tastings, to fine dining guest chef appearances at local restaurants.  We are the most flexible truck in the business and we try and raise and stretch the bar as much as possible.  
Take a look at some of our hit items we have ran throughout the year as well as some of the many menu's we have rotated through. 
  1. N.E.Lobstah Roll
    N.E.Lobstah Roll
    Flown in fresh daily to ensure perfect taste and the highest quality. Our fresh lobster is served on a classic buttered bun with our signature 1881 frites. You do not want to miss this.
  2. Fresh Wagyu Pub Burgers
    Fresh Wagyu Pub Burgers
    Ground wagyu seasoned and grilled to perfection with numerous combinations of sauces and toppings. We don't have these often, but when we do RUN. They sell out faster than special edition sportscars after income tax returns.
  3. Po' Boys
    Po' Boys
    We offer numerous Po' Boys throughout the year. From soft-shell crab, beer battered crawfish, tempura lobster, and many many more, we always try and stretch the bar and add something new served atop that crispy golden bun.
  4. Authentico Cubano
    Authentico Cubano
    One of my favorite things in existence. The classic cuban sandwich has been a regular staple on the truck from the very beginning. We slow roast our mojo pork overnight and serve this with our home-made pickles. General we pair this bad-boy with our signature fried yucca.
  5. Fresh Cronuts
    Fresh Cronuts
    We brought this amazing dish to the streets as soon as we could. We fry ours fresh to order on the truck and top them in a variety of ways. Whether its plain powdered sugar, a whisky glaze, or our fresh berry compote this dish is guaranteed to sell out every time we run them.
  6. New Orleans Style Beignets
    New Orleans Style Beignets
    They might be based off a classic, but don't doubt our signature touch. We fry them to order and toss them with sugar. We serve them with a side of Jalapeño jelly just to tease your taste-buds for the next trip out.
  7. Assorted Berry Trifles
    Assorted Berry Trifles
    This Truck Style Dessert Is a heavenly blend of cheesecake, berries and crumbs served up in a take-home mason jar.
  8. Boston Style Creme Brûlée
    Boston Style Creme Brûlée
    Classic And Elegant, yet refined and portable. This high end dessert comes in several flavors (chocolate, boston, bourbon vanilla). It, like most of our desserts, comes served to you in a mason jar for your continued enjoyment.
  1. Gourmet Street Tacos
    Gourmet Street Tacos
    They all start with hand-made and rolled daily, flour or corn tortillas. We have numerous combinations to choose from like Brisket and fried onions, carnitas a fresca, Yayo's Beer battered polluck, vegetarian options and even some seared tuna tar tare. The combinations are endless so keep an eye peeled for our latest additions.
  2. Lobstah BLTA
    Lobstah BLTA
    One of our most popular sandwiches we have ever had. Butter poached lobster, with crisp bacon, avocado and roasted tomatoes all served up on a buttered cuban roll.
  3. Lobstah Bisque
    Lobstah Bisque
    Our soups are scratch made daily using only the finest ingredients (no left-over soups here). We offer a wide variety during the winter months including lobstah bisque, clam chowdah, lobster chowdah, smoked chile and corn chowdah and many many more. All of these delicacies are served to you piping hot in a warm bread boulle.
  4. Prickly Pear lemonade
    Prickly Pear lemonade
    One of our signature drinks on the truck. This warm weather classic is made by muttling fresh prickly pears to a syrup, and blending with ripe lemons and sugar. The signature sweet and spice will cool you down on any hot summer day.